Who we are?

Graffi Studio Janusz Ansion was founded in 1989 by Janusz Ansion. Artistic experience as graphic designer, poster designer, illustrator (participated in exhibitions in Poznan, Wrocław nad Knokee Heist, Belgium) allowed for creating a brand of graphics. At the beginning graphic studio was designing project for paper industry clients. With time we offered production of paper and plastic bags with overprint, internet, electronic media and full printing offer.
Since 2003 we are publishing regional newspaper Kurier Słupecki. That's why we know what local newspaper publisher needs and what problem they face. It allowed us to create efficient and accesible press system.

Graffi Studio Janusz Ansion
ul. Plac szkolny 18, 62-400 Słupca

NIP: 667-100-10-82
Telefon/Fax headquarters: +48 63 274 30 04
Mobile: +48 602 70 92 87



How is the cooperation with us?


We start cooperation with presentation. Contact us for free presentation. There are 3 ways of presentation...
We can come to your redaction to present of our system. We have projector, all we need is a piece of wall and internet access.
We invite you to our Kurier Słupecki's redaction for live presentation of our system. Strongly recommends Thursdays, dealine day. You will see how calm it is.
We also offer a virtual presentation. You don't have to move from your chair. We will share desktop through Skype and present on your screen how our software works.

Installation and implementation

We offer standard installation and implementation: we arrive at your redaction, install and configurate the software and give a license key. We start cooperate when we recieve server from you. We install on it Linux operating system and the latest version of Press Server. Next we arrange a meeting for implementation and training.
There is also iso file with press system Press Server installator available for self-installation.
Implementation are usually proceeded in one day. Two specialists will arrive to your redaction. First one will train reporters, editors and people from advertising services. Every one of this groups needs areound 1-2 hours. Second pard of trainign, undergoing simultanously, will take place in DTP. We instert to the system module grid's data, names of previously used styles, user configurations and permissions and customisation of small ads module to your requirements. After each implementation we bring to our programming workshop interesting ideas. Many of them we implement, thanks to waht system becomes even more flexible.


We release updates monthly. We created designated Press Server update module so you can update your copies when it's convenient for you.