What is the Press Server®?

Press system Press-Server is a editorial office management tool. Thanks to virtual model it allows for reporters, editors, correctors and DTP to work simultaneous. Thanks to cooperation with Adobe InDesign it mappes automatically materials on pages shaping them into previously set shape and size. Thanks to those solutions graphic designer has much more time for creations, infographics and new ideas. Your magazine will breaths new life.

Who benefits with the system?

Press system Press Server was designed specially for local newspapers redactions. Based on publishers, journalists, ads agents and DTP real needs it became the rich set of tools needed for complex redaction management and creating next newspapers editions.
With the help of simple web browser publishers can review progress of the latest newspaper edition from any place. Thanks to broad permissions they can check how advanced the edition, what happends in it and it's weaknesses.
Editors in Chief intuitive sees whole newspaper at a glance and can creativly manage who, what and where write. They only need to wait for result. Then with the help of the system they easly calculate who and how complies with assaigned tasks. During self-designing they can impose DTP amout and layout of pages. Editors can edit articles, accept them or reject with arguments. Journalist receives the clear instructions what should be in his text corrected.
For journalists press system Press Server in easy-to-use communicative tool for everyday work. It eliminates problems with mails not arriving, badly cropped photos, forgeting about texts or captions. Everyone knows what where how and how much need to write to make publisher glad. Through web browser and internet they input texts and photos with certain rules.
The basis for ad delivery for publications are PDF files. Excellent ad saving format. It allows to creat a PDF file form any graphic software. Thanks to that texts, graphics and photos look perfectly on paper. His adventage is also small size. Press Server allows advertisement agents to place ads direcly on mockup with certain place and size through drag-and-drop method. Later DTP will find them automatically in exactly same place. Ads office can place ads on mockup, edit their deadlines and costs which automatically will be added to accountant report. System will inform you about ending emissions.
Press system Press Server generate pages automatically. For properly prepared by redaction layout you need only cosmetics and visual effects. Based on the style that you can arrange texts in proper shape instantly. You don't need to download and crop photos, divide into columns or add captions to the photos. DTP ofiice receive file directory without any questions. The most innovative idea is automatically placing all materials on modular grid. With the usage of software's full potential DTP can work up to 50% faster.
Press system Press Server allows distributors for recording distribution log dividing it into each distribution point and edition. Thanks to such details distribution list distribution office can identify with the most current data in which points the sales rise and which points not witstand local competition.

What do you benefit with the system?

Press Server due to automatically generated pages saves up to 50% more time for other redaction activities. Our press system allows to simultanously work by many users and insight into effect of their work can be view at any time. Conflict footprints are resolved on mockup. Press Server allows also to review archival materials.
Thanks to transparent reports generetad by the system you can inspect trends in redaction. System also allows you to keep watching volume of materials so you can not only adjust materials for the place but also to plan possible correts of distribution of material in current edition.
Press Server gives into hands of administrators the ability to configurate nearly every aspect of the work of the system. Starting from deadlines and frequency of editions, through giving users the permissions and ending on defining article styles. Our press system allows also to inform clients about "last minute" deals - available places for modular ad. Cooperation with clients is even more swift and even more effective.

How do you benefit with the system?

Shared access allows journalists to add and modify their articles while ads office adds ads. All changes on mockup are shown in real time. Our system's invoice module mimics basic functions of any invoice software and allows for export JPK data to most common of them.
Managing the redaction was never so clear and easy. Every office in redaction have it's own statistics that are available even on the homepage. Statistics can be access not onle as graph but also as table which makes easier to predict long-term activities of redaction. Moreover built-in calendar and communicator make inside communication easier and allows to plan events for many weeks ahead.

What is needed to work with the system?

Our system doesn't have equivalent in market that would have so many functions at the same time. Alternatively you can merge different programs but that is expensive. Our solution is one of the cheapest that Polish market have to offer. System isn't limitted with number of users or time. Once spend money serves forever. You don't need a whole bag of money.
Nasz system został przetestowany na najpopularniejszych przeglądarkach internetowych, szczególnie Mozilla Firefox oraz Google Chrome. To jednak nie oznacza, że nie da się korzystać z systemu przy pomocy innej przeglądarki. Ponadto uznany pakiet graficzny firmy Adobe, Adobe InDesign, to doskonałe narzędzie pracy z Press-server.
Press system Press Server does not require most efficient hardware. Although it requires hard drives for 24h work with at least 2TB storage and Linux operating system, preferable Debian, with PostgreSQL installation as database. Additional backup drive does not require to be suitable for 24h work but it is required for him to have the same storage capacity as main hard drive. We recommend NAS type equipment. We recommend x64 processors with wich our database works good. You also need to note reliable power supply, CD-ROM drive and UPS. Server requires one network card with at least 1GB memory.
Dla swobodnej komunikacji ze światem wymagane jest posiadanie stałego IP od dostawcy internetu oraz router, który potrafi udostępnić w Internecie zawartość Press Servera poprzez przekierowanie portów 80 i 2121, one-to-one NAT lub DMZ.